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Confidence & Coaching

What is Coaching?

Coaching involves using various techniques to empower you to achieve your best in both your personal and professional life. With transformational coaching we look at who you think you are and what you can achieve. We will use proven techniques, such as Neuro linguistic programming, visualisation and effective questioning to bring about changes in internal beliefs and external behaviour.

Coaching is a skill used to find the answers within you and to provide clarity and focus on the path you want to take. How you feel in yourself, your mental well-being, is key to your health and should be considered alongside your physical fitness.

Areas worked on:

Work/life balance
Stress management
Improving confidence
Relationship issues
Limiting beliefs that stop you from living your life to the full and feeling at your best and happiest
Weight loss
Clarity and direction in life

We suggest various techniques, such as visualisation techniques, affirmations, goal setting strategies etc, to motivate, challenge, progress and support you in your achievements. These techniques depend on your needs and range from goal setting to breaking down those barriers that prevent change to allow a positive environment for action to take place.

With effective questioning, we allow you to come to your own conclusions; we are facilitators, guiding you along the right path.

Rosa has much experience to draw from and helps many of her clients achieve their health and fitness as well as lifestyle goals with the coaching that she does.  Your mind set and motivation and outlook is vital for sustainable results in your health and well being.
Rosa really understands this which is why her speciality is coaching her clients on stress management, time management and confidence coaching. We all need support and motivation. 

To invest in coaching is an investment in you and your well being as well as empowering you with tools to help you manage your time and lifestyle for a happy and balanced life.

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"Rosa's approach to her teaching is so wonderfully enthusiastic, that she makes you never want to stop! I first started pilates 5 years ago after a head injury. When i started with Rosa earlier this year, for the first time it began to be clear to me. With a loving gentle manner and her great knowledge of the techniques, she gives you the confidence that you will ultimately achieve the results you wish for.

Rosa has a wonderful approach to her life coaching sessions. She is a fantastic listener and her loving energy is always present only encouraging you to understand even more. The techniques that she uses are extremely effective and ultimately you come away feeling inspired."
Suzy Bastoni - Actress






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